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Chefchaouen Kasbah

Explore Chefchaouen’s Overwhelming Kasbah

featuring up stunning and incredible sights back dates to hundred years ago, Chefchaouen becomes a sudden attractions to all the tourists flock here and chill out in its unique own blue world. This humble town embodies almost every picturesque monument, the dramatic blue washed Medina, the vivid Plaza Uta Hammam and the Kasbah which is definitely an unavoidable historical site to explore during your visit to Chefchaouen city. and our main theme today to describe.

Chefchaouen Kasbah

Taking a peek into the past especially in Morocco is one of the incredible moments that mesmerize everyone. Chefchaouen Kasbah is a national historical fortress and monument built in 1471 by Mulay Ali Ben Mussa Ben Rached (the founder of Chefchaouen). The visitors who come to Chefchaouen usually have some bewilderment or want to know what is the purpose behind building this defensive fortress. In the first place, this rampart was a refuge to some Muslims and Jewish, and it played a powerful influence during that time.

This heavily restored Kasbah has an interesting small ethnographic museum, jail, lovely garden and even an art gallery which encourages the work of the local artists. From there you can enjoy various fascinating views of the old Chefchaouen, such as the plaza and kasbah tower; these views over the Medina are usually a delight.

To add more excitement, the Kasbah provides an interesting notice ticket in which you’ll find information written in English, Arabic, Berber an French. Furthermore, the entrance fee is only 1 Euro (10Dh).This museum is quite small but still an interesting place to explore if you are looking forward to see some incredible influences and elements of the Moroccan art.