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Darih Moulay Ali Ben Rached in Chefchaouen

Learn More About Chefchaouen’s Founder

emerging with quite a unique and incredible atmosphere, the town of Chefchaouen has gained its popularity from its interesting past. Almost every city in Morocco retains the shrine of its founder or some important figures who reigned during a specific period; and Chefchaouen is one of them.

Moulay Ali Ben Rached Mausoleum

Chefchaouen in the first place is a small secret fortress which was the home for many exile westerners.The patron Moulay Ali Ben Rached contributed in the development of the city and made it a great success. Nowadays, his sacred shrine is next the large mosque in the main municipal street.

beautifully constructed and retained, this shrine of Moulay Ali Ben Rrached is quite simple preserving the simplicity of Chefchaouen that is characterized in the blue and white color. Upon entering the shrine you’ll find a small graveyard and white buildings constructed with the incredible tiled roofs, you will love the views of the Rif Mountains from the shrine.

Usually there is a lady in the place who would be happy to answer your questions and tell you the whole story about the legend Moulay Ali Ben Rached. Where better place to learn about Chefchaouen history and its founder; this sublime place simply drags you to discover it as representing one of Chefchaouen’s main attractions.