The Hammam is an invitation to relaxation, with Ancient traditions of well-being and purification. It is a great way to forget the stress, loosen and relax.

Shampoo – Classic soap – Shower gel

  • Benifit from Scrub, soap and body modeling followed by a clay wrapping with rose water.
  • Provision of a bathrobe, towel, glove « Kessa » and shampoo with shower gel.

  • For better skin exfoliation a scrub is necessary, and it can be done with the help of a Tellak or Tellaka (Generally a paying servant available in all hammams).
  • Regarding the « kessa » Glove:
  • It is essential for the hammam because it softens the skin, reduces the secretion of sebum, regenerates the epidermis by erasing its dead cells and re-balances it by tightening its pores.
  • Ideal for sensitive and allergic skin, it cleans the skin perfectly, removes impurities and blackheads.
  • Black soap:

  • It is intended for skin care composed of a completely natural materials, consisting of gumming dough without grain or Vegetable.
  • The Benefits of Black Soap: The cosmetic black soap preserves the skin without irritating, it purifies and washes it. The richness of vitamin E generative has its superb properties moisturizing and exfoliating. The Black Soap prepares the skin to exfoliate dead cells leaving it soft and moisturized.
  • The mask “Ghassoûl / Rassoûl”

  • After a scrub, the traditions in Morocco say that a mask called “Ghassoûl / Rassoûl” has to be applied on the body and hair.
  • Its composition:
    Ghassoûl is a natural mineral clay extracted in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains, containing Magnesium, Potassium, Silicon, Iron, Sodium, trace elements and pro-vitamin.
Body care
  • Excellent relaxation
  • Direction to the warm room (for care)
  • Stay for at least 15 minutes in the warm room
  • Scrub with the “Kessa” glove
  • Shower
  • Rinsing
  • Allow to act and rinse
  • Application of “Ghassoûl / Rassoûl” mask
  • Relaxation room (have a cup of Tea, relaxation, etc …)

Good relaxation